Exploring The Houston Museum of Natural Science

When it comes to having the opportunity for a great learning experience, as well as just a ton of fun in general, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is the perfect place to drop by for a visit!

The Houston Museum of Natural Science features a really interesting, really engaging opportunity to learn more about science, the world, and just a ton of amazing, cool things in general! I have fond memories of visiting the dinosaurs as a kid and, from what I understand, they’re currently showcasing a really intriguing exhibit about Pompeii’s ill-fated volcanic eruption. Plus, there’s the added bonus of the world-famous Butterfly Center, where guests can explore a tropical paradise while staying on the lookout for beautiful butterflies as they flutter by. There’s also a planetarium, children’s activities, amazing film screenings, at-home virtual lessons, and plenty more! 

For any little kid with a million questions about the world they live in, this Museum is simply a dream come true! And whenever the Houston Zoo gets a twinge too crowded on a hot summer day, I think you’ll find that this Museum is the perfect second option (though it definitely would have been my FIRST option to begin with!). 

Situated in the Museum District of Houston, the Museum might be a little crowded for first-timers looking to commute over with ease. But if you’re planning on going during the week or on a lazy Friday afternoon, I’ve found that it’s much easier and more convenient. When it comes to getting over to the Museum District, the sky’s the limit for highway choices. But all Houstonians, in the end, can take advantage of the city’s many excellent and fun opportunities. If you’re living at some of my favorite Houston apartments including Casa del Mar, Buena Vista, Providence at Memorial, The Diamond Hill, and Sedona Pointe, I think you’ll find that once you get the hang of that typical Houston traffic, you’ll feel right at home wherever you go.

As long as it’s not a holiday, I think you’ll find that the Museum is always hospitable during the weekend with plenty of space for everyone. If you’re curious about the Houston Museum of Natural Science and you want to see what sort of exhibits they’re currently featuring, I definitely recommend checking out their main website HERE. We’re still having some Covid ups and downs so make sure to wear your mask when you go!


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Jul 27